"Genius may be ignored, but perseverance can never be !"
                        - Dr. S. G. Mehrotra (My Grandfather)
(To be updated...)

Remote Test Harness System (Socket Communication), Spring 2009
- Prepared OCD (top level/modular architecture, use cases, DFDs, UI views, issue analysis, activities) for the project.
- Implemented a Test Harness Server which tests DLLs sent by the registered remote clients, and sends back the test results.
- Implemented client-side GUI using Win32 Forms. A bar chart display of past results had been provided with mouse hovering facility for the detailed view of a test result.

Project Management & Development (C#) - Swarmed Parallel Interpreter for Numerical Analysis with Collaborated Hubs (Software Engineering Studio), Fall 2009
- Led a team responsible for developing an interpreter (as per grammar rules specified using Antlr3) for multi-threaded numerical computations involving matrices/vectors/scalars, parallel for loops, if-else constructs, functions, structures.
- Designed the system for my team by using the Interpreter and Visitor design patterns.
- Wrote and presented B-Level Specification; contributed to C-Level Specifications, testing, integration.
- Implemented and unit tested parallel matrix, for-loop computations, and if-else constructs.
- Participated in various testing phases such as integration, system and user-acceptance testing.
- Supervised and managed the software using MS Project and its deliverables’ versioning on GitHub.

Remote Test Configure Tool (Operational Concept Document & Project)
(Windows Presentation & Communication Foundations), Fall 2008
Implemented a Test Server which executes tests on the DLL files send by the registered clients, and sends them back the test logs.

Character Recognition System (Neural Networks and Java/SWING), Spring 2007
Developed a system which recognizes human handwritten letters (English, Hindi and Greek alphabets, all digits & few special characters) on a drawing/text area provided, reading character by character as the user draws them, through unsupervised learning.

Courier Management System (Oracle 10g), Spring 2009
- Analyzed and documented a set of business rules for the problem and ensured that all requirements are met.
- Designed and documented the database; implemented and tested using Oracle 10g Enterprise Manager (tablespaces, users, profiles, roles, performance/tuning), SQL (tables, views, sequences, abstract data types), PL/SQL (packages, procedures, functions, cursors, triggers), Forms and Reports. - Performed cold backup; Prepared a detailed report.

Linux, using C:
Virtual Private Network (Internet Security), Spring 2010
- Created a VPN for Linux - Gateway to Gateway Tunnel using TUN/TAP (also created Host to Host Tunnel, Host to Gateway Tunnel). Achieved confidentiality using AES encryption algorithm in CBC mode and integrity using HMAC-SHA256.
- Carried out server and client authentication, key and IV exchange (using Certificate Authority, OpenSSL) and implemented dynamic reconfiguration of session key and IV.

Mini Firewall for Linux (Internet Security), Spring 2010 - Implemented a packet filtering firewall which inspects incoming and outgoing packets based on certain policies such as restrictions over protocols, source/destination IP addresses / ports, network (using net mask), etc., (inputted in the user space with root privileges and then written onto the proc file system).
- Wrote a loadable kernel module which provides a net filter (pre and post routing hook functions) to accept / reject the packets using these policies.

C Complier (Red Hat Linux 9.0, C language, LEX and YACC tools), Spring 2006
Developed a compiler which compiles a C program code that involves declarative, assignment, if, if-else, if / else if / else, for and while statements.

Other security projects:
TCP/IP attacks, Pharming (DNS) attacks, Packet Sniffing/Spoofing, Secret key Encryption, One-way Hash, Buffer Overflow vulnerability, Return-to-libc attack, Format String vulnerability, Race Condition vulnerability, Linux Capability, Chroot Sandbox vulnerability, Web Same-Origin-Policy, Cross-Site Request Forgery attack, Cross-Site Scripting attack.

Remote Programming Assistant (HTML, ASP.Net, CSS, JS, SQL Server), Master's Project
Developing a website for a company which handles consulting projects. This consists of multiple file download and upload facility, bug tracker page and a notes facility as well.