"SUCCESS and FAILURE are only choices we make !"
                        - author unknown


I am Rajika. I have graduated from Syracuse University with a M.S. degree in Computer Engineering (software and assurance/security specialization). I completed my B.E. in Information Technology (equivalent to B.S. in Computer Science) from Manipal University, Manipal, Karnataka, India. I have interest in Software Engineering, Internet Security, Databases, Object Oriented Design, Information Management, Project Management, Risk Management, and Relationship Management.

My career objective is to obtain a challenging and responsible position with a progressive company where I can contribute my experience and skills, and utilize my opportunity for advancement.

During my B.S., I was introduced to very interesting fields of Computer Science like Software Engineering, Algorithms, Distributed Systems, Computer Networks, E-Commerce & Network Security, Engineering Management and Storage Devices Technology (with focus on various EMC products and technologies). This took me further to pursue a Master's degree in US which not only encriched my technical skillset by learning from brightest minds, but also provided me a global exposure where I expanded on my knowledge about various cultures all over the world. I also got opportunity to teach a fairly large no. of Computer Science students, being a Teaching Assistant in my department for two years, and to work with a Professor on a research project.

At Syracuse Univeristy, I took comprehensive courses demanding multiple projects involving problems of quite complex nature. Some of the software courses I took were Object Oriented Design, Software Modeling & Analysis, Design & Analysis of Algorithms, Advanced Database Managaement and Analytical Data Mining. The assurance/security related courses I took were Computer Security and Internet Security, where I implemented very interesting projects by exploring and exploiting vulnerabilities, conducting actual attacks, and applying countermeasures. In the Software Engineering Studio course, the entire class worked together to develop a large and complex software involving Swarm Computing. As the core processing team's manager, I was responsible for the management of all the phases of software development. I extensively contributed to the specification and design for my team. I also coded some modules, and supervised integration, testing and version maintenance. These experiences have strengthened my concepts in Computer Science as well as gave me a great opportunity to interact with students across the globe, exchanging ideas and sharing knowledge with them.

Along with my course curriculum, I worked on a research project with Dr. J. Fawcett (Spring & Summer 2009) where I set up the Linux environment for testing his C++ programs (developed on the Windows platform). This provided his students with a variety of options in choosing their desired platform and carrying out cross-platform/OS communication between their client-server programs. I also carried out performance analysis (system/user time) of dual boot and virtual machines like VMWare and Virtual Box, to find which will run faster by executing code involving excessively large computations. My work also helped Dr. Fawcett for his upcoming technical book.

At Syracuse University, I received the Graduate Award in the form of tution scholarships and Graduate Assistantships. I was a Teaching Assistant in the Computer Science department for various courses under the following professors: I have also participated in the planning of the above courses and putting course websites for the students.
The teaching experience gave me an opportunity to interact with cross-cultural audiences and increased my confidence in managing multiple projects and solving technological problems of varied complexities, at the same time managing my own course load quite well. I am pleased to report that I have received excellent feedback from the professors and the students regarding my technical, managerial and people skills.

Apart from my rich educational background, I also have a good experience working in the IT industry as a Software Engineer, Analyst, Solution Architect, and Technology Consultant. Before pursuing my Master's degree, I started my professional career as a Software Engineer (certified in Java/J2EE & Oracle) at Infosys Technologies Limited (Bangalore, India). I then worked as a Software Analyst & Developer with Wireless Business Group LLC (Syracuse , NY) on a C# .Net project, where I built a tool which helped them in increasing their efficiency significantly (by 70%). As a Web Developer at the Department of Languages, Literatures & Linguistics (Syracuse University), I developed department's website using PHP, HTML & CSS technologies. I also provided IT Consultation/support to the department members. During my work experience at Blue Highway LLC (a WelchAllyn company, NY) as a Software Developer, I was involved in building applications for a social netwroking website targeting the healthcare community, using Java/J2EE technology and a MySQL database. My role here was not limited to that of a programmer, as it required a good amount of contribution towards researching, presenting creative ideas, requirements' gathering and design of the system. My present assignment at AT&T as a Solution Architect, has provided me with tons of opportunities ranging from architecting a secured system, implementation (involving various technologies like Java/JCE, XSLT, scripting, SSL, Oracle DB, etc.), to client/marketing and CxO level interactions. I have been heavily involved in all phases of agile development of a very large scale project and take the lead for my team.

Throughout my industry experience, I got opportunities to work individually as well as in teams, and interacting with clients at all levels (from startup companies to Multi-National Companies). At times, I got chance to act as a liaison between business and technology, working with multiple clients and collaborating with cross-functional teams to come up with technological solutions to meet the business objectives of the clients. My goal has been to provide quality solutions, meeting the expectations of the clients/end-users, and at the end of day feeling staisfied to be able to deliver value to their business and prove to be valuable employee to my organization.

Overall, I enjoy development as well as learning the managerial aspect of software production. I like giving IT consultation and solving problems as efficiently as possible within available space/resources and time. I also enjoy discussions/seminars on new technologies and how we can improve our solutions. This keeps me updated of the current market trends and demands.

My academic and professional pursuits have not however, prevented me from participating in various extracurricular activities. In my free time, I enjoy sports such as swimming, tennis, football and cricket. My other interests include Astronomy, keeping myself upto date with the current and future events in technology and business market, watching news, reading novels and journals, and updating my website !

Thank you for your time.

Kind Regards,
Rajika Tandon