Hello! I am Rajika, a Bachelor of Engineering and Master of Science in Computer Science & Engineering discipline, and possess good experience in the IT industry as a Software Engineer, Analyst, Architect and Technology Consultant. You can find more about me on the About Me page or on my LinkedIn profile.

I created this website out of interest to learn about web technologies. Here you will find some examples of my work, projects and some of the articles that interests to me.

More information will be updated soon!


World's Economy
    Annual meeting of the IMF and World Bank at Washnigton D.C., October 2010.

Electronic pickpocketing (RFID vulnerability)
    Debit/Credit cards and even your passports inside your pocket are not safe !

    - The science of blending flesh and metal to expand a human's capabilities.
    - Technology that attempts to create a working interface between machines/computers and the human nervous system, including (but not limited to) the brain.
     Examples: Artificial - arm, eye, ear, limb, brain implants.

Cyberware leading Imagination into Reality !
    - What if your palm pilot in your pocket sensed the electrical flow in your brain ?
    - The sense of smell can be improved to the level of a dog’s !
    - Will people someday have a stamp on their forehead saying "Intel Inside"?
    - Put your mobile where your mouth is !
    - What about when some crazy hacker releases a virus into your mind ?

Monkey's brain control robotic arm

Water on Moon:
    India's maiden moon mission Chandrayaan-I has detected evidence of water across the lunar surface, scientists announced on September 23, 2009.

William Henry "Bill" Gates III's speech at Harvard University, 2007
    A very interesting and inspirational speech.